ORE is a couch cooperative twin-stick shooter where players assume the role of space miners under the thumb of an omnipotent corporation. You must earn your freedom by stripping this newly found planet of the solar system's most valuable mineral before that resource causes the planet to collapse on itself. 

Couch Cosmonauts is a collection of twenty Masters students specializing in art, technical art, design, engineering, and production. Based in Salt Lake City, UT ORE will be our debut game and will be hitting shelves mid-2018. 

Beyond just a natural love of video games, each of us shares an unbridled passion for couch-cooperative experiences. The magic that's created when you and a couple friends sit down, play a game, and discover your inner demons and angels together - is unlike anything else we've found in life. We're compelled to create our own style of magic that will soon bring enjoyment and rivalry to friends around the globe.


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