Update #1: April 20th

First, you might be asking what's the difference between this site and our Facebook page. This site is a development blog where we can talk in greater detail about the stuff we're making. Whereas Facebook is a place to generate traffic, this site is the ultimate place that we direct traffic, because this is the site where everyone can get to know us, our game, and our process. This being our first weekly update post, we'll attempt to update and post things as often as possible, with most of the content coming post-August. 

As far as the game goes, we're currently polishing and tuning the game specifically for our upcoming demo event at the "EAE Launch Party." This has been a two week endeavor and we're stoked to present everything we've made to the public in just six short days. 

This week, part of our art force is focused on various animation polishing including animation state blending, quad and hexapedal enemy movement, and weapon refinement. We're also working heavily with the refinement and creation of different particle effects such as snow and explosions. And of course they're fixing and working on various things as we see fit. One of our resident concept artists, Dylan, is hard at work painting a new forest environment so we can start pondering how our next level will look aesthetically.

Engineering-wise, our Lead Engineer Karan is entirely focused on creating a smooth, bug free experience for demo testers, and thus most of the engineering team is solely tasked with bug fixing. There are, as always, some unforeseen things that engineers will also have to work on, but primarily they're fixing and polishing so we are technically prepared for next Wednesday. 

And lastly, our Design team is hard at work playtesting and bug-searching. They're also studying how fresh users play our game, and how to direct play through unobtrusive methods. One of our designers, Sarah, is currently ironing out the enemy behaviors for the demo event so that we have new and interesting enemies to showoff and so that players have more things to shoot!

Speaking of which, here's a sneak peek at an enemy, Isaac made last week that you can look forward to meeting at our demo event!