The Day After...

So it's been a full day since launching our game on Steam Greenlight, and so far we're doing really, REALLY well. A big thanks to everyone who up-voted, commented, and sent the word around to friends. We love you all. One thing we haven't seen too often from Greenlight projects are the actual statistics of how those projects are doing, so we're going to actually share that information with you all. 


First of all we've reached nearly 400 Yes votes and are almost 20% of the way making it into the top 100 games currently on Steam Greenlight. For those not quite knowledgeable about the Greenlight process, we don't have to be in the top 100 to be published but it's a really good sign nonetheless. So far these numbers are great and we're on track to making it into the top 100 by the end of the month. 

Another note about this info is the ratio of Yes/No votes. We're currently sitting pretty close to the Greenlight average of 2:1 Yes/No votes, but there have been many games in the past that have been Greenlit while having a worse ratio. Check out this page on the game, Subaeria whose ratio was 1:1 and still got Greenlit in less than a week!

To conclude, we here at Couch Cosmonauts HQ thought it would be cool to show all of you the Greenlight progress in real-time. Big thanks again for helping us out and feel free to spread the word!