Update #13: February 15th

This is a big update since we haven't given you a look into the game progress for a while now. So I'm going to brush over a lot of stuff but there will be lots of pretty pictures!

First, we have three new characters and one more on the way! Our amazing Character artist, Isaac has been hard at work over the last three weeks crafting these based on concept art that was released a few months back by Yang Li. In the game, you'll be able to select your character and change their color. Find more concept art below or in our Images & Video tab.

We also have been modifying the weapons a great deal (more on functionality later), so our artist, Ruohan has been making some killer new gun models over the last few weeks that will be making their way into the game over the next few weeks. 

Below are four gifs of various engineering and design improvements. The first is an example of our game's fire propagation - enemies that catch on fire run away and if they run into other enemies, those enemies will catch on fire, too! The second gif is of invincibility frames that we added to the dash (soon to be dash-roll) so that players can get out of hairy situations more easily. The third gif demonstrates how our enemy AI tracking is now switching dynamically between multiple targets, in this case between the rover and player, based on multiple factors. The last improvement is with our Protector enemy who now has a melee attack that pushes players into (or near) the large zone where he shoots his projectiles. 

Water and Lava Shaders are underway for our different environments thanks to Ming and Zihao, two of our technical artists. A few more intricate shaders to come in the near future!

Here below is a bunch more work that the designers have been doing. The first four gifs in order are the chain gun (used to be the machine gun), the Hellfire (which shoots low-damage orbs of fire that leave a flame wall trail), the sniper rifle, and the Valkyrie (a very high-damage but unpredictable rocket launcher). Darrell, Stephen, and Chen have been doing great with those. The 5th gif demonstrates that we scaled-down the PvP damage so it takes a little more effort to kill your friends - the player is nearly invincible in this gif, which is not how the game actually functions, but you get the point. The last two gifs are of some of the environmental hazards Jeff, Ben, and others have been working on where we have rising lava pools and moving clouds of deadly gas. 

We've also been working on our scaling and progression systems. Firstly, if just one player is playing the game they have one-hundred percent of the game's health pool. The more we add players, the more that shared health pool is divided, so by the time you have 4 players, each player shares one-quarter of the health pool. Secondly, the more ORE you collect, the more aggressive the enemies become and the more their hostile properties scale to meet your team's performance. These two systems, plus a few more, will hopefully ensure that the game feels dynamic, responsive, and different when playing with different sets of friends. 


Lastly, here's a bunch of environment, character, and UI concept art that our amazing artists, Yang Li and Dylan Wignall have been coming up with over the last month or so.

More updates to come soon, and don't forget that we're now on Steam! Putting us on your Steam wishlist would mean a whole lot to us!