Update #8: August 26th

We're all back! Well, almost all of us... Our designer, Sarah Cotner died. Just kidding, way better: she got hired by Blizzard Entertainment as a full-time Designer! She's now working on World of Warcraft (her favorite game ever) at her dream company and we here couldn't be happier for her. Way to go, Sarah! Besiiiiides her, we're all back at work and going HAM at the game. 

First, we're starting this Fall development cycle by taking a massive step back and looking at our core systems critically. After all of the amazing feedback we've gotten and ideation that's taken place over the summer we are going to spend the next four weeks prototyping new features that improve most of our old ones. We're really exploring what makes the game fun and finding different ways that we want to craft our experience. After these four prototyping weeks we will hopefully have all the systems in place we need to make a great, rounded experience, and can spend the following months refining those systems. Likewise, the art direction is also being evaluated and will take a bit of a turn as we adapt it more to the tone, theme, and functionality-needs of the game. Get ready for big changes, because that's what we're making. We've also updated our sites (including this one!) so check out some new concept art and videos. 


Going hard

until we die...