Update #14: March 29th

So if you follow us on Social Media, are part of our mailing list, wish-listed ORE on Steam, or are generally in the loop of things you should already know that ORE is in Early Access on Steam! We released it a week or so ago and you can go download it for just $1.

In other news, the team spent last week in San Francisco at the Game Developers Conference meeting people, learning new things, and generally returning exhausted and sick. We also showed ORE at the BYOIndie party and supported some fellow classmates that showcased their game Logout at the Intel University Showcase. We teamed up with a local media group and played some ORE, so check that out here as well as a short podcast interview. We also have new videos up on our Video page, so check those out.

That's about it... except for...

Warning: since this is a dev blog, I'm about to dig into some Steam publishing details that might be boring to many of you "creative types," but we learned a lot recently in the Early Access-publishing process so I'm going to mention a few things to clear the air. 

If you've followed our Steam page since release, you might have noticed that the pricing has been a roller coaster of weirdness. And that's because we made a few newbie mistakes. First, since we believe our game is fun and polished enough to be worth money (known as "Premium"), we registered our game as non-F2P (Free to Play), since F2P games typically can never charge money after initially being released (which is why you'll see plenty of games move from Premium to F2P, but no games move from F2P to Premium). Secondly, we made the assumption that we could change the price of the game at any point to whatever we price wanted (such as $0 or $1000 if we were sadistic). And we also thought that we could apply a discount to the game at any time we want for any amount of the total price (anywhere from 1-100%). We initially wanted to do these things so that we could release the Early Access version of the game for free to incentivize downloading the game sooner rather than later. After releasing and learning the hard way that none of our backup plans for making this work-worked, the only thing we could do was drop the price to the lowest value we could, which is why it is currently $0.99 and why we currently don't have plans to make it any lower than 99 cents. Figuring all of this out was a nightmare and was especially an un-fun thing to deal with on the eve of GDC, but hey, that's game development!

Lastly, if you haven't already, please be active on our Steam discussion forums! We're looking to have conversations with people and create communities of passionate players. We want you to be involved! Help us find bugs, share what you love and what you hate, help us out! We'd really appreciate it :) We'll be wrapping up development on the game shortly, so the next Update we post will be close to our last.