Update #3: May 4th

So this week has been pretty calm around the studio. After the madness of our EAE Launch demo we are slowly putting the office back together and gaining momentum on future plans. We have a BIG announcement this coming Monday (May 8th), so stay tuned for that. Otherwise we've been working on a couple other things, namely the big thing on Monday, but some other stuff, too. 

First of all, to back up a bit, we're happily celebrating the summer departure of a handful of our staff who were fortunate and hard-working enough to land internships with some premier studios. Karan and Eric, two of our our engineers, got internships at Avalanche and Insomniac respectively. Sarah, one of our designers, heads off to Irvine, CA in a week-or-two to work with Blizzard on World of Warcraft. Ming and Ruohan - a married powerhouse of tech art and art - are going back home to China where they will be working for a large mobile games company and an art outsourcing company for Naughty Dog. We'll miss all of them and hope that they enjoy their summers working for larger, more experienced game developers and return with a breadth of knowledge and wisdom to share with the team. The rest of the team (17 of us) will be around SLC working on the game by creating unique features and testing ideas to present to the whole team once we're united again in August. 

As for progress on the game, we have implemented a title screen into the build so it is a complete demo experience. We're also in talks with a handful of local game dev companies about coming out and presenting our idea to them in order to gain industry-level feedback and criticism. Hayden, a producer, has also been hard at work making our first game trailer. In addition, we're about to start our live-stream dev blog where we actually show ourselves playing the game, take some questions, etc. We'll hopefully have more news on that on Monday as well.

We'll also be shifting workspaces  soon so there has been some prep and planning for that, we're in the stages of legally forming our corporation, and we've been continuously expanding our presence online across various platforms. Speaking of which, we'd like to extend a huge thanks to the phenomenal donors that have contributed to our Patreon account - we're already past our first goal and about to reach our second so things are looking great!

That's all for this week but make sure to keep an eye out for our Facebook page on Monday to hear the big news!