Ming Zi

Update #6: July 10th

So it's actually been a busy week here. First, we went and showcased our game at Salt Lake Gaming Con 2017, so a huge thanks to everyone who came out and supported us! We also got word from Ming Zi, one of our amazing Technical Artists, that the tiny and virtually unknown company she works at, Tencent will be having an indie game competition here in the near future and will offer the winner technical support and financial aid. So using much of the feedback we got from both the EAE Launch Party and SL Gaming Con we are going to get a few of our most dedicated staff together and have a quick development sprint over the next week to improve our game and make it ready for submission. We're also preparing ourselves for other events coming up in the future, such as the Las Vegas Game Arts Conference in September, and the quickly approaching Independent Games Festival deadline in October. We're also looking to be at PAX (west) and Terminus, so overall we're planning to really start getting out and going to as many events as possible here over the next six months. Feel free to let us know if we missed any or if there are any you'd like to see us at! Here are some pictures from last weekend's Salt Lake Gaming Con.