Update #11: January 11th

It's been a little over a month since our last update, and in that time we had EAE Play Day and the notable holiday lull that happens every December. Check out our Images & Video section for a new video that shows some game capture of the build we debuted for EAE Play. Otherwise, to talk about EAE day a bit...


It was great! We had a massive turnout with around two-hundred-and-fifty people that played the game over the course of four hours. 


Below is a picture of what the space looked like before opening it up to the public. 

We gave out a ton of business cards, and were even selling ORE shirts! If you'd like a shirt, shoot an email over to contact@couchcosmonauts.com and let us know what size you're looking for (we're out of Smalls!). 


For those unable to attend here's the lowdown of the game as it stands. We have two levels: one is an arena-based level where players survive as many waves of enemy hostiles as they can and collect as much ORE as possible; the second is a linear-level where players lead the rover across a hostile alien swamp biome and collect ORE along the way. We have four different types of enemies and nine vastly different weapons. Players have the ability to outfit their characters with different colored armor and select two crazy weapons to bring with them on missions. There exists a countdown clock that ticks-down to the implosion of the alien world, so players only have a limited number of attempts at levels to collect enough ORE in order to fight the game's final boss - which is how players will ultimately win the game. We have an unlock system that grants access to even crazier weapons based on player performance and progression, and at the end of each level players are dolled-out awards based on their performance ("Most Cowardly" is my favorite!). We are really looking forward to expanding and clarifying these system a whole lot more in the future. Which brings us to the final discussion of this long blog post: the future.

Our EAE Play poster painted by the phenomenally talented Yang Li. 

Our EAE Play poster painted by the phenomenally talented Yang Li. 

We've roadmapped out the next few months of development. We're going to be really, really busy. The first and biggest thing we'll be working on over the next month is crafting a boss battle to end the game. We're also recrafting the Ice and Swamp environment kits to be more alien, distinct, and cohesive, as well as remaking the game's guns to look more interesting and to fell more unique, zany, and epic. We'll be amazingly busy crafting and testing our game's levels (of course), reworking some enemy AI to be more dynamic, and designing better UI systems. We're also going to be working on a tutorial level to help guide players into the game's rules and structure. The next big event we are preparing-for is GDC 2018 near the end of March, so we're full-steam-ahead getting ready for that. And, believe it or not, but all that stuff I just mentioned is only a small snippet of progress that we'll be making over the next few months before launch. (Do you have an actual release date yet?) No, not quite, we're probably going to go hard and fast once we're ready to publish - so be ready! However, I will divulge that we're preparing for an initial release sometime between late March and early May, so it's coming up. There are still a few things in the air that could cause us to delay release or even release earlier, but we'll let you know here first.