Update #2: April 28th

So this week--as you might know if you've been keeping up with our social media stuff--we demoed our game at the EAE Launch Party held on Wednesday. We had somewhere near one hundred people over three hours come and play our game and we got a ton of really, really rewarding feedback. The team is extremely excited to incorporate the feedback we got and create something even better than we already have. 

BUT as you all may also know, we here at Couch Cosmonauts are Masters students, and Summer cometh soon. Because much of the team will be busy with internships and new job opportunities over the summer, we will not be making game-changing progress on the game over the next few months and will probably not be posting as many Facebook posts and updates. Yet many of us still in town will still be working on improving the game. Two handfuls of our designers, artists, and tech artists will be in town over the summer and will independently develop features towards the improvement of our game. We'll certainly update everyone with a few of those as they come along. 

Now to the demo feedback. Generally everyone who played the game had fun and would comment on how beautiful the game visually looked. But because we didn't make explicit tutorial levels the learning curve of our game was set pretty high in order to understand all of our game's mechanics. In the future we will work on creating better ways to teach the game to new players and slowly build their shared understanding of the game's systems. 

We also learned that some of the game systems just aren't very fun in the current iteration. For instance, having to go to the rover and drop your weapon in the right spot and then wait for it to refill just isn't rewarding for the player and doesn't create the sense of suspense that we intended. So we'll be seriously evaluating many of the core systems of our game and possibly doing some trimming and tweaking. 

While we learned a lot of how we could improve, we were also overwhelmed with positive feedback and excitement. We have been considering it for a few weeks now, but after receiving the demo feedback we are now pushing to get our game Greenlit on Steam ASAP. It's not up on Greenlight yet, we'll let you know when it goes live, but we're in the prep stages of getting publishing on PC sorted early so we aren't scrambling later. We also want to do this prior to Steam changing their publishing process since we have no real clue as to what it will entail in the future.