Update #12: February 3rd

Let's get the big news out of the way quick: we're on Steam! It's our official storefront where you'll be able to buy the game once we release it here in a few months. You should especially check it out if you've been curious about the backdrop of the game's narrative.

Otherwise, we recently put out a new trailer, too. After hitting Alpha, we made a quick trailer to tease the game with some of the more recent gameplay we've been working on.

Watching trailer, you probably saw a glimpse of the game's boss there at the end. Jeremy, one of our phenomenal technical artists, took a sprint to prototype our game's boss encounter and came up with a really, really cool fight. We can't wait for you guys to see it once you get your hands on the game. Also huge thanks to Isaac, our character artist for designing a beautiful boss in less than four (very stressful) days. 

From the video you also get a glimpse into two of the game's three environments: lava and swamp. Well, some of you might remember that before those two even existed, we had an ice environment that we used for all of our public demos. Well, there were a ton of problems with that kit when dealing with readability, visual variance, etc., so we put it on hiatus. We had an idea for another environment kit (well, we've had tons of ideas) that was more industrial kit that we used in our internal testing space environment, which you can see it in some gifs posted in previous updates. This kit also had similar problems, so we're planning on combining the two into an industrialized tundra with lots of massive canyons and crevasses. Should be way cool. Dylan has done some concept art for this new environment posted below.


Sorry this post is a little short, but more information to come soon, we promise. Keep updated here, or by signing up for our mailing list!